Posted by: supriyaparulekar | August 31, 2014

Musings … Heartfelt!


Ode to Pa …!

Light was fast fading and so was hope,

I held his hand, yet warm.

Eyes flickered open, a tear drop rolled,

Smile on his parched lips.

Life held together by beeps and drips;

So fragile he seemed and helpless too!

I looked at him, saw years gone by,

He was the reason I was here, I sighed.

A gentle word, caring look, pat on my head,

Love and blessings … cheers galore.

I owe my life to my pa and what I am today!

The man in my life, my guiding light,

Dependable and strong, a force within.

A cold wave grasped my heart,

At erratic beeps and failing heart.

His grip tightened on my hand,

Frantic, I glanced at him,

Weak and sad eyes looking at me.

I staggered, tumbled, lost, abandoned,

He took a deep breath,

Light, fast fading from his eyes,

not yet time to go …. Not yet …

I murmured, cried my heart out.

A deep breath, last beep, lines faded,

Machine came to a standstill and

Sucked away Pa’s life with it!

The straight line reminded me Pa was gone!

Once again I was his little girl,

I held his hand and cried;

Not for that dark red balloon,

Not for that doll in frilly dress,

But for him to come back … just once!


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