Posted by: supriyaparulekar | August 31, 2014

Musings … heartfelt!

Ode to unborn Baby!

It was an evening of solitude,

An evening etched forever.

A step that rocked my world,

Unhinged happiness, broke me apart,

Left me a wound that refused to heal.

I could not gather the broken pieces again!

My heart beats had raced,

My nerves a jitter.

I could feel you within me,

Oh! My flesh and blood,

Cocooned inside me.

How safe you felt,

If only for a while!

Monsters lurked outside,

My innocent child!

So sure of themselves,

Selfish to the core!

My need to protect you,

My heart bled!

I fell prey to their inglorious ways.

I cried, I pleaded but,

My tears did not melt a stubborn heart.

I am sorry my baby for uprooting you,

From the safe confines of my womb-which

Rightfully was your world to say!

I let you down, crime I committed,

I watch with horror at the blood on my hands,

Of innocent and helpless self!

Forgive me my child, forgive me oh lord

For I have sinned.

I repent now for not being strong and willed!


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