Posted by: supriyaparulekar | April 29, 2015

Games our mind play!

Human mind has this inept ability to store images and events for a long time. They stay hidden unless some incident or similar conditions/circumstances triggers it off.

I am sure you must have many memories from your past or childhood that must have flashed before your eyes in kaleidoscopic images, sometime or the other. We actually relive the entire episode!
As a baby, I was over-weight and like any normal one year old, very active. My mom had placed me on the ledge of our balcony that ran through the entire length of the front of our building. We were on 2nd floor. Back then we had a nanny who looked after me and my cousin sister Shilpa. Me and Shilpa are born six months apart, she being the older. Our nanny’s name was veeta aaji. She was old and frail lady but I remember her boney fingers, her loving touch and toothless smile.So coming back to that evening. This incidence was narrated to me by my father and hence my mind was able to conjure up an image as it had happened.

My mom was holding me around my waist as I sat on the ledge. My dad and my grandmother were nearby. My mom was distracted for a second and like any over -enthusiastic child, I flung my arms and leaned back. I lost my balance and toppled over. My mum and dad must have missed a heartbeat. Fortunately, for me, my mums finger entangled in the brass anklet I was wearing. There I was swinging upside –down. My dad immediately pulled me over.

This incidence is picture clear in my mind as if I was old enough to understand but I was not. I was an infant then.  Maybe it is clear coz I have heard it over and over again.

One more incidence I would like to share here is that of me and Shilpa. We both were playing one afternoon and I being on heavier side sat on her arm. Result, her arm was fractured. I don’t have any memory of this incidence but it was narrated to us by our parents. The story does not end here. I had to pay a heavy price for this. Few years later it was redemption time. Shilpa beat the crap out of me every day. It was role reversal. There is more to these ‘Tom and Jerry fights’ but in my next blog.

At times our mind plays unfathomable tricks with us. It could just throw a surprise at you by showing you images from your past which have been lying in dormant state in your brain, until now. Try giving your brain a nudge and you would be surprised to see what tumbles out of the closet!


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