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Being Mother and a beautiful human being …

Being Mother

I know my mom must have loved me the moment she knew I was an integral part of her. She must have skipped a heartbeat, tensed with worry, how she was going to manage ‘being mother’ but it comes naturally to us women. When I was carrying my baby, all these thoughts raced through my mind but at deep subconscious level, I was prepared to take up an additional responsibility of being a mother.

I grew up in a joint family as mentioned in my earlier blogs. There was no dearth of people around me who loved and cared. I bonded with my sister and my cousins at equal level. My mom worked shifts as a nurse and left me and my sister in care of Bina kaki. Now, when I look back, I realise how much we put the poor lady through mental hell and agony. We girls were always up to one mischief or another and Bina kaki would be hassled to no end. In the evening she would be prepared with long list of complaints to our respective moms and then it would be time to face music.

My mom raised me with a strict hand. She did not like me skipping studies or back answering. Mom saw to it that my every need was taken care of but she expected me to be on best of my behaviour always. She beat me up so much every day with whatever she could lay her hands on. I must have been a difficult child, I think. My younger sister got away without having to endure the beatings. Today, I can’t bring myself to raise my hand on my daughter. I have no complaints, no regrets. A mother knows what’s best for her child. In fact I am thankful to my mom for not putting up with my indiscipline, laidback attitude and stubbornness. It has made me a stronger person who can endure any amount of pain, face life’s challenges, have a mature outlook to life, loads of patience and resilience.

One phase of my life, my dad was my mom. After my mom left for work early morning, he made sure I went to school on time, had my daily dose of almond paste which he would ground on a pestle without fail every morning, make me a glass of milk and pack my tiffin. I had a happy childhood, contented, warm with my sister and cousins for company.

I was blessed with sisters and mothers and a doting grandmother in my growing up years. The strong presence of women in our life has made every girl in my family strong, independent, and self-willed and a beautiful human being. I am trying to be all this to my daughter. Though I can’t give her the kind of childhood I was blessed with, I make sure she is connected to her maternal cousins which is our extended family now.

Today, on mother’s day, I fondly remember my badi kaki, whom we all called mumma. She is no more now. I remember the moong dosa she rustled up when we were hungry. She took my studies when my mom was busy working. It was mumma who introduced me to Marathi literature. I would go to the local library accompanied by her, every Sunday. She picked up books for me to read. We would spend some time at the library and come home. These were the moments I would look forward to, every Sunday. She was like a mother to me. The week before she passed away due to terminal illness, I was down with food poisoning. She was undergoing her chemotherapy. I remember, mumma called me from the hospital and said, “Didi, don’t worry, you will be fine. Soon I will come to meet you. Take care.” These words of assurance from a woman who was on her death bed. She left me with hope and blessings.

I am so proud that I have essence of all these women in me. My mom, my grandmother, Bina Kaki and mumma make me what I am. My maasis are no different. They showered me with love all the time and still love me. I have had such a fulfilling childhood. Such tender moments to reminisce. What more can I ask for?

We are married now, have kids, moved on but these moments and love from our childhood days connect us today. A bond so strong, we hope to see it rekindle in our children. This is the legacy we pass on. To be a good human being complete with love, hope and goodwill.



  1. बालपणाच्या आठवणीत रमण्यात एक वेगळाच आनद असतो . ब्लॉग छान लिहिला आहेस. आवडला

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  2. छान ब्लॉग लिहिला आहेस . आवडला .

    रवि काका

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