Posted by: supriyaparulekar | November 26, 2015

End Of a New Beginning!

I was looking forward to taking baby steps in to this beautiful world!

“It’s a matter of few days, baby,” my mom said. I sighed, knowing my mum was always right! I trusted her. Had she not kept me safe in her tummy so long? I kicked. ‘It is not time yet’, she whispered, patting her tummy which was my temporary home.

One day, I heard my dad say, ‘darling, today we are going to this restaurant by sea for dinner. Will you be fine?’

I wanted my mum to say ‘yes’. The thought of an outing was exciting and I kicked her. She let out a gasp and a chuckle. My movements inside her tummy amused her and dad.

The evening was magical. Mum described it to me, as I happily floated in the amniotic fluid in her tummy, sucking on my thumb.

“The night is dark but the sky is lined with infinite stars”, my mum said to me. “Its reflection rests on the calm, dark waters below. There are tiny boats docked in the bay and they bob when a small wave dash against them.” I chuckled and kicked again. Mum patted her tummy.

Kicking was the only thing I had learned in the womb! The world was really beautiful and I wanted to be a part of it, sooner.

‘Not tonight’, my mom whispered, knowing exactly what went through my mind. Mum was magic. She knew me so well. I lay there contended. I had no idea my safe haven was going to be disturbed, soon.

Suddenly I heard screams, could feel my mums heartbeats. They were not normal; erratic. She put her hand over her tummy as if she was protecting me from whatever was happening outside. I placed my hand on her tummy’s inner lining. She was reaching out to me, frantic, assuring me in a voice I had never heard before. She whispered, ‘everything will be fine. I won’t let anything bad happen to you.’

What did she mean by ‘bad’? I had never heard that word before.

The world was supposed to be beautiful, happy and bright!

I heard loud noises, coming from far off. I heard my mom crying. I heard dad assuring her they will be fine. Then something ‘bad’ happened. It must be ‘bad’ because mum started screaming and crying at the same time.

Dad was saying, ‘let us go. Don’t shoot. We are expecting our baby.’

I heard some strange voices. They were ‘bad’ people I assumed. They said, “shoot now…kill!”

These were new words for me; ‘Shoot’, ‘bad’, ‘kill’. Mom had never uttered them before.

Something ‘bad’ was happening. I started kicking against my mom’s tummy but she did not comfort me. Did not say, ‘ it’s fine. Just a hiccup baby.’ Mum was sobbing instead. I could not feel her touch anymore and neither hear her comforting words. Then I heard loud sounds like firecrackers in Diwali.

Yes, mum had described to me what happened in Diwali. Children and elders burst crackers. I had heard them too. Why was mum scared of crackers now? Didn’t she enjoy them then? I squirmed some more. I heard her scream. Then there was another sound of a cracker.

This time the sound was close. It reverberated in my tiny world followed by a thud.

For a moment, I felt my world had turned upside-down. That something ‘bad’ did happen. That moment, I knew I would never see this beautiful world ever! I will never see the stars lit up the dark waters or the blue skies and the sun as mum had described to me. I will never know the warmth of my mum’s arms or the love of my dad. Never meet my lovely mum or my dad! One thing I was sure of. I was no longer safe in my mum’s tummy. I was finding it difficult to breathe. For a moment everything went still. I could not hear my mum’s heartbeats. I curled myself in my mum’s tummy, gasping for breath…


Bodies are wheeled out of the hotel. The body of a pregnant woman catches the attention of the press gathered there.

As the journalists crowd around the paramedic, he looks at the woman desolately and says, “She was shot in the head along with her husband. They are dead. We lost the baby too.”

Terror serves no purpose. It only spreads hatred, destruction and death. There is no paradise at the end but only darkness…infinite darkness and helplessness. Stop killings in the name of religion.  




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